Select Travel Teams

The Naples Lunatics travel flag football teams have been competing in state and national tournaments since 2020. We offer our kids the opportunity to play against elite competition from across the world by competing in select one and two-day tournaments. We offer competitive play for children ages 5-15. There is no monthly fee to play for the Lunatics other than uniform, tournament registration and travel expenses. All of our coaches are volunteers committed to the development of our kids. Our coaches hand-select their teams through open tryouts and individual workouts. The coaches also decide which tournaments in which to compete. The Lunatics are only for families committed to enhancing their child’s flag football experience through competitive tournament play.

Naples Lunatics is organized and insured by the Naples Flag Football League, operators of Naples NFL Flag at North Collier Regional Park and Naples Battle By The Bay flag football tournament. Naples Flag Football League is a registered non-profit 501(C)(3). If you are interested in coaching one of our teams, please contact Simon at

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Lunatic Teams At Play!